Our aim is to ensure high-value climate change and sustainability solutions are funded, developed, and deployed at the necessary scale and timeframe for lasting impact.

Drawing on our experience as results-oriented leaders, we take a distinctive approach to achieving ESG and investment outperformance:

Strategic. Progress on climate and sustainability entails a mosaic of solutions, each with its own timeframe for creating impact. We have developed a proprietary time- and technology readiness-based map to prioritize deals we pursue over the short, medium, and long terms.

Integrative. A myopic focus on the metrics or outcomes du jour often leads to unintended consequences. We apply a comprehensive, principles-based, and systems-thinking approach to make investment decisions that are sustainable on all dimensions: strategic, financial, social, and environmental.

Diligent. Using our best-in-class experience across multiple disciplines, we pressure-test opportunities before issuing private or public commitments, including letters of intent. This requires analyzing numerous factors, such as market context, business strategy and organization, and technical feasibility.

Adaptable. Risk-adjusted returns are empirically proven to converge across investment strategies – debt or equity, public or private, and regardless of stage. Rather than trying to fit everything we do into a fixed strategy, we tailor each financing to the specific needs of a business. Not only does this optimize the cost of capital, but it enables us to engage with the widest possible range of ESG opportunities.

Additive. Nearly every investor and corporation claims it can add value to potential business partners. We offer a distinctive mix of skills drawn from working with and advising the world’s leading organizations. Areas of expertise include: strategy, go-to-market and growth; financial engineering; deep science; product design and engineering; and policy and stakeholder management.

Ethical. Our team grew out of relationships spanning years or even decades, so we know the value of establishing trustworthy ties that stand the test of time. We are committed to transparency, honesty, and integrity and we assume that everyone we work with is starting from a place of good intentions.