We focus on rapidly deployable, high-impact solutions that enable decarbonization, ecosystem health, and biodiversity. Themes of special interest include energy and efficiency; the built environment; and sustainable cities and communities.

We invite collaborations with customers, off-takers, policy influencers, and funders across the globe. 

Criteria we consider when evaluating a potential match:

Types of businesses and value propositions:
• Product developers
• Services providers
• Technology-centered
• Natural solutions

Stage of development
• Venture-stage: Technology Readiness Level (“TRL”) 6 or higher
• Scale-up: operational commercial scale first or second unit
• Development: bankable technology and deployment plan
• Growth: demonstrated traction in initial markets
• Buyout or M&A: mature organization, durable systems

Funding models
• Equity and/or debt priced in accordance with risk
• Where available, enhancement via public or philanthropic funding and credit support
• Tranched commitments tied to milestones

Sustainability. For every material decision, we apply The Natural Step framework, which states, “In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing…
• … concentrations of substances from the earth’s crust,
• … concentrations of substances produced by society,
•  … degradation by physical means;
• And in that society, there are no structural obstacles to people’s health, influence, competence, impartiality, and meaning.”

Strategic potential
• Clearly defined go-to-market, growth plans, and timeframes to impact
• Durable competitive advantages and moats
• Understanding of key risks and mitigation potential for each

Financial potential
• Path to exit, liquidity, or other long-term resolution for stakeholders
• Predictable unit and enterprise economics
• Ability to withstand business and macro level volatility and risk

Complementarity. Ability for our constellation of individual and organizational allies and stakeholders to help improve the probability and magnitude of successful outcomes.